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I Am Jeffrey Hess, President and CEO of Ball Watch USA. AMA

[–]zanonymous[M] 28 points


Hi! Welcome to /r/Watches. One thing that we do sometimes in /r/Watches is that we can give you a [Verified Identity] flair, which lets people know who you say you are.

There are several ways to confirm your identity with us, but perhaps the simplest way is to just send us a DM on Twitter. We can be found @RedditWatches on Twitter. If you would like to confirm your identity in a different way, you can use the "message the moderators" link on the ride hand side bar, and someone will take care of you.

For anyone reading this considering doing their own AMA: If you message the moderators before you start your AMA post, we can verify your identity before you post so everyone who sees it will be assured of the validity of your identity.

[–]Noxwood 2 points


Has OP not been verified as of time of this post?

[–]zanonymous[M] 6 points


Chernab0g is correct, the OP has not verified their identity with us. You will know when/if he verifies his identity to us, because we will add a "Verified Identity" flair to their account which will be displayed next to their username when they post in /r/Watches.

[–]Noxwood 1 point


Thanks, happy cake day.

Should I take the stuff at face value, ... ?

[–]zanonymous[M] 3 points


Haha thanks, cake! :)

As for the validity of the OP's identity, we have only as much information as you do, and it's up to you to decide how to value their response. At this time the mods of /r/Watches have no information on which to confirm or deny their identity.

I'm not sure why they haven't decided to contact us yet.

[–]susuhead 3 points


Totally off-topic but happy cake day and thanks for being a great mod!

[–]zanonymous 8 points


Thanks! Nice to feel appreciated once in a while :)

[–]zanonymous 25 points


Regarding Ball watches, I have a few questions:

  • The slogan for Ball watches is, "Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions". According to the Wikipedia, the "Ball Watch Co." was founded in Cleveland, and family owned until the 1990's, when the name was sold, and the company is now headquartered in Switzerland. Other than the name, what did the new owners take with with them from the original company?
  • The slogan on the American website is "Swiss Made, American Owned". Who are the American owners, and in what sense are they American? (eg. Do they have American passports, but live in Switzerland, or are they Americans living in the US?) Why have the owners chosen to headquarter in Switzerland rather than the USA?
  • What does "Ball Watch USA" do? Is it just responsible for distribution and marketing of Ball watches in the US, or is it more involved than that?
  • It is common knowledge that a watch needs only 51% of its value to be made in Switzerland to qualify as "Swiss Made", and so many companies exploit this understanding to outsource parts and manufacturing overseas while still qualifying for the "Swiss Made" label. Which parts of Ball watches are Swiss made, and what is made externally?
  • How are Ball watches manufactured? Are they assembled by Ball, or is the manufacturing outsourced to a private label manufacturer? What parts of the manufacturing is performed by Ball?
  • What is your opinion on Kobold? In some senses, they are similar to Ball; they project themselves as American owned, and have Swiss made watches based on ETA movements, and both cater to people looking for ruggedized luxury mechanical watches.
  • Which other brands and companies do you consider your competition to be?
  • All ball watches are based on ETA movements. ETA movements are available in different grades. What grade does Ball Watch use?
  • For a simple watch such as the Ball Fireman Racer, how much work is done by Ball on the movement once it arrives from ETA? Is it simply cased up, or is the operation more involved than that?
  • I am also interested in hearing the answer to dk45120's question since, as I understand it, every Ball watch is based on an ETA movement.

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 8 points


We have a facttory in La Chaux De Fonds Switzerland. We assemble our watches there. We are Swiss made and we do not outsource. (of course we order dials and such). I love Kobold. Great guy and great story. Our competition is broad. As is our appeal. We use different grades from ETA. Most are Elabor but we are usually in the top 15 of chronometer movements. Rolex number one and Omegas Breitling next. We are 15th.Ball was founded in Cleveland and moved to Chicago around 1913. Our watches are Swiss. We even patented our own dual deployant clasp that is Swiss made. Our Swiss CEO is actually from El Salvador originally but went to school in Berkley and has a home in Florida. Another owner is a New york Resident. (Long Island, but of course I cannot divulge where)

[–]zanonymous 7 points


How do you feel that the "American owned" component affects your watches and your brand? What influence to the owners exert on the company?

You say that you do not outsource, but you "order dials and such". Can you elaborate on "and such"? What components do you order and what components do you manufacture?

I am somewhat surprised that you order the dials - one of the components that differentiates Ball from most other watches is the use of tritium tubes on the watch face. Somehow, I expected that Ball's unique expertise in Horology would be the dials.

Do you have any photographs or videos that you can share so as to be like a "tour" of your assembly facilities? I'd like to develop a better appreciation for what Ball does in the manufacturing process.

For example,what does Ball do to a movement before it is shipped? In the case of the Ball Fireman Racer, it's listed as being driven by an ETA-2824-2. In what condition does it arrive at Ball? Is it assembled and regulated, or is that a task for your watchmakers? How many watchmakers do you employ directly?

About your dual deployant clasp that you have patented - I'll admit, I had no idea that you had such a thing. Can you describe this in more detail? I went to the Ball website, and it doesn't seem to be described anywhere, not even under the "technology" section. I found a couple pictures of it on the Internet, and I don't understand what makes it different/special/unique/better.

Edit: Removed a question that was answered elsewhere in this thread.

[–]oldaccount 6 points


Zynonymous asked some really good questions but you simply glossed over them. This is starting to sound more like a marketing pitch by Ball Watch USA then a true AMA. Any chance you could go back and answer all the question or tell us why you can't answer them?

[–]spedmonkey 5 points


At this point, given that he has not bothered to verify his identity or anything, I'm not exactly holding my breath. Still, here's hoping I'll be proved wrong.

[–]bballstunt313 23 points


Do you have any proof you can provide?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 6 points


how can i prove? Sorry this is my first time doing this.

[–]spedmonkey[M] 8 points


You can send us (the moderators) a message via the company Twitter account (@BALLWatchCo, if I'm not mistaken), for one. We can be found at @RedditWatches. You could also send us a private message and we can go from there.

[–]cleverkid 17 points


You can send me a voucher for one complimentary limited edition watch. :)

[–]MiikeNUFC 10 points


What is your take on the current trend of watch manufacturers opening their own boutiques and gravitating away from selling in ADs and independent jewelry stores.

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 12 points


Great question. There are many reasons, manufacturers do this. I see both sides of the story, since I have two stores and am an AD for many brands. With my stoe owner hat on, I do not like the idea of company owned boutiques. But with my distributor hat on, I can plainly see the need for for these boutiques in several markets.

[–]robedino 8 points


Let me be the first to welcome you to Reddit, and especially /r/watches. Hope you like it here!

Onto my questionswhat's, your favorite watch of all time? What do you think is Balls most prized accomplishment in terms of watchmaking? How did you get involved at Ball?

This should start it off! Thanks for doing this.

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 7 points


My favorite watch of all time? (twofold) 1. My grandfathers old wristwatch, an off brand, that he gave me. 2. A watch made in only 6 examples, 14k gold, long rectangular oddly shaped, made by Ball to show the Railroad Presidents how and escapement worked.

Got involved with Ball when Webb C. Balls Great grandson, George, stoppd makign watches and the name reverted to my Swiss partners, who asked that I be involved.

[–]Coltan_Fx 8 points


When is ball's in house movemnt coming out?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 10 points


It is in development. I am sworn to secrecy about this project. I said AMA, so let me just say....."soon". :) thanks




[–]spedmonkey[M] 8 points


While I do often enjoy this novelty account (bad_watch_advice, for those wondering), let's put our best foot forward here for Mr. Hess, please. :)

[–]spedmonkey 5 points


As an unrepentant Ball fanboy, first off, welcome to our humble community! A few questions off the top of my head:

  • With many companies now doing the whole "indestructible tool watch" thing (Sinn, Damasko, Bremont, etc), what does Ball have planned to differentiate yourselves from the competition here, aside from working on the upcoming in-house movement?

  • Related to the last question, what do you foresee as future developments in case, crystal, and other non-movement technologies? With depth and altitude having been pretty much conquered already, what's the next extreme environment that watch companies will look to tackle?

  • Not only am I a watch enthusiast, but I'm a Nathan Fillion enthusiast as well. How did you guys convince him (or the props department) to have Richard Castle wear your products throughout the TV series? How do you feel about celebrity endorsements/product placement in general, and will we be seeing any more from Ball in the near future?




[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 21 points


the Ball Grand Central Station Watch. (The GCT) lmt edition. (serial number one)

[–]the_zercher 4 points


What do you see as the future in watch-making?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 6 points


Almost all companies, large and small, who do not currently make their own movements have their own movements in development. Swiss will rule the current and future day, but the Germans (and even the Americans) are making their own movements now. Thanks

[–]the_zercher 3 points


Thank you for the reply! Someday I will own a Ball Watch, this much I know!

[–]RuchW 1 point


You and me both, buddy...

[–]ArkJasdainWatchmaker 3 points


Got a good source for replacement tritium tubes, or do lovely government regulations and the NRC make that a "send it back to the factory" only situation?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 5 points


currently the NRC makes you send it back. We hope that will change.

[–]gis8 3 points


Do you collect watches? If so: what's your favorite, non Ball Watch, brand?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 10 points


I wrote a book with James Dowling on Rolex so I have a warm spot in my heart for Rolex. I love Breitling and Glashutte Original and Mule Glashhutte as well. (I am writing a book on Hamilton also, the vintage stuff is terrific)

[–]lowspeedlowdrag 3 points


I dont know much (anything) about you, or about Ball watches. Do you come from a sales/marketing background and fall into watches or more of a horology background?

Any advice for an aspiring watchmaker?

Edit: Just spent a few minutes with your website, classy looking stuff. The Engineer II GMT II in particular is a unique take. I like the use of gas-tube illumination too throughout the range, one of these may end up on my Christmas list....

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 10 points


After dropping out of college I worked in the Advertising department of a record store chain while collecting vintage watches. I started doing research on watch companies and providing this research to the fellows who wrote the books. My love of watches became less of a hobby and more of "retailer of vintage watches" and then began writing for magazines and such. A natural progression into distributing the age-old venerable American Brand, BALL upon its' relaunch in the early 2000's.

[–]lowspeedlowdrag 3 points


Cool stuff, as a guy with a bunch of records and a bunch of watches I can relate. Thanks for doing the AMA!

With BALL being a "relaunched" brand, are you still able to service vintage pieces in house or do you have a trusted set of watchmakers that you outsource to?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 6 points


we have in house watchmakers who are experts at vintage ball and current Ball. thanks

[–]pfs35 3 points


What do you think of the "fashionable" watches that many clothing brands make using fairly plain movements and dressing them up? Do you think it could be an opportunity for established watch makers to join their efforts with established clothing brands, that it might be an indication that said watch makers have to explore new markets through, for example, products aesthetically similar to the "fashionable" watches, or simply that it's a matter of educating the general public about the small bang they're getting for their big buck when they buy from the clothing brands?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 8 points


These "fashion" watches have a place in the world of collecting and also, of course, "fashion". I am often surprised though that some "fashion watches" are considered fine timepieces. Many are not. But we all have to start somewhere and many of these lower priced watches are "gateway watches"; to finer watches. thanks.

[–]pfs35 1 point


Thank you for answering! I would definitely agree that these watches might be appealing to a certain category of collectors (fashion aficionados). However, I find it's an unfortunate fact that many are not priced in the "gateway watches" price category, as their movements (or even their embellished casings) would command from the more traditional watch making companies.

[–]susuhead 3 points


My own question unrelated to any other - Any short or long term plans to expand globally? There's a dearth of good watches (and watchmaking) in India and for the most part I just sit here and pine.

[–]zanonymous 3 points


Please tell me more about Indian watchmaking. I don't know much about the area, but I am interested to learn.

I only know of two Indian companies that do mechanical watches - HMT and Titan. Titan does watches that are comparable to low-end Chinese watches, and HMT is more of an industrial goods (eg. tractors) manufacturer that also happens to do watches.

[–]susuhead 3 points


Titan doesn't make movements - it sources them from various Chinese suppliers.

HMT does make movements, but there's no internal IP, they're relics of a socialist-era collaboration with Citizen. They're comparable to vintage Russian movements in that there is no finishing, they're made cheaply (finished watches retail for $30 or less!), and they can be easily serviced for generations.

Watch repair in India is a thriving cottage industry with no structure. There's no schooling or organisation, just a bunch of people with a mechanical bent who decide to take up watch repair for lack of any other opportunity in life. However, with the combined proliferation of cheap quartz watches and cellphones replacing wristwatches, even watch repair is a dying art.

Today I have a local guy who I trust enough to look at my cheaper watches (HMT, Miyota, Seiko etc) but he's probably in his mid-sixties. When he dies, I'm probably buggered, because he has no apprentices and there are no watchmakers within a 30-odd kilometre radius of where I live.

Even for vintage pieces where a full AD/OEM service is probably not worth it, there's no choice but to pay big money because none of the locals will touch, for instance, a Memovox or 50s/60s vintage IWC. I have an old Universal Geneve that's collecting dust because there are no authorized service centres, and no one knows what to do with it.

[–]zanonymous 3 points


That was an excellent answer, thank-you :)

Is there much interest in mechanical watchmaking in India? My (very possibly mistaken) impression is that people are much more interested in jewelry, in part because of the cultural significance of gold, and the relatively low income levels places a greater influence on displaying wealth in a more apparent way.

[–]susuhead 3 points


No, you're pretty much spot on.

Right now there's a lot of "new money" in India, for lack of a better, less pretentious term. This money is spent on conspicuous consumption - not consumption driven by heritage (because pre-1990, there was zero exposure to foreign brands) but rather driven by the best marketing. Therefore, unfortunately or otherwise, Kenneth Cole is likely to be taken more seriously than, say, Seiko or even (gasp) Rolex.

Of course, now the big guns are wising up to the sheer amount of cash in circulation here, and have stepped up their game accordingly. LVMH, Rolex, TAG, Swatch et al have massively stepped up their game from a marketing perspective but are still succeeding in pushing overpriced quartzes in a market where the overwhelming majority of buyers don't know any better.

[–]dk45120 3 points


First let me thank you for doing this, I hope I'm not just speaking for my self when I say this is a genuine honor. My question is in relation to Swatch/ETA decreasing movement supply. With Swatch decreasing supply of movements, how is Ball planning to address this issue. Also how will your companies plans effect the pricing of your watches. Thanks much.

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 5 points


we still enjoy a good relationship with Swatch. We are not worried. But yes, our own movement is in "development". We do not think it will increase the price by much. Thanks.

[–]dk45120 2 points


Thats fantastic, keep doing what your doing. Ball is one of the best, and I am looking forward to your in-house.

[–]susuhead 2 points


That's interesting news.

Is your movement going to be a 100% new in-house design or based on an out-of-copyright (not sure of the exact term) vintage design, or just built on an ebauche from an external supplier?

To echo the others - thanks for doing this AMA!

[–]scottybee915 1 point


How could a truly "in house" movement from a Swiss watch company be only slightly more expensive than an ETA movement?

[–]orairwolf 8 points


Did anybody at your company ask a teenager what they thought about the name Ball Deep Quest before the watch was released?

[–]scuderia_Rosso 2 points


As someone who is part of the current generation and loves and collects watches I find today's generation's apathy towards watches saddening, it seems like the only watches teens know of today are Rolexes and G-Shocks, both great watch brands though.

My question is what are your thoughts on the current generation regarding watches. Higher end watch companies tend to market towards older folks (30-50), with the Ball for BMW series i get the impression that you're trying to become a more mainstream brand. I've also seen (and heard about your company) from ads while readin the new york times, do you have any marketing strategies.

Thanks for doing this an hopefully answering my questions, i've been gaining interest in Ball lately and find this a very interesting AMA. Also do you get Ball watches for free? The engineer hydrocarbon looks so cool!

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 3 points


Balls' marketing strategy differs slightly from country to country. But we never stray from leaning towards our historic side, with our connection to the railroads and our technical side which is fine swiss timekeeping. I think we "are" naturally becoming a tiny bit mainstream, but we will always be kind of a "niche brand". And we are proud of this. thanks

[–]oldaccount 2 points


So Ball Watch USA is the distributor for for Ball Watch Co in the USA? Can you tell us a little about how the producer/distributor relationship works?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 3 points


I am the North American Distributor. Ball considers the USA it's "home market". Simply put, we oversee all advertising, promotion and distribution in north America. We make model suggestions and design suggestions. The final "edit" is always in the hands of the Swiss with few exceptions. We are proud of our partnership with our Swiss brethren. Thanks.

[–]zanonymous 2 points


The final "edit" is always in the hands of the Swiss with few exceptions.

Can you give us an example of one of these exceptions? When has Ball Watch USA (or another arm of Ball Watch) overridden a decision made by the Swiss?

[–]anthonybsd 2 points


Ball enthusiast here. I came for the mechanical with lume, I stayed for..well..everything. Love the sturdiness, love the anti shock system, like the real interesting ambassadors who are not just run of the mill celebrities but peculiar(it's a good term in my book) caliber athletes.

The question I see on the Topper forums a lot is "when are you coming out with your own movement", so I won't bother you with that hipsterness. My question is: to what degree do you modify the movements yourself? Ie does ETA actually put together some of your more interesting calibers such as thermometers, etc?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 4 points


the TT thermometer is a Ball invention. We do the modification ourselves. Our CTO is a genius and he has over 35 patents exclusively for Ball. Our thermometer is mechanical btw, not some t-touch kind of thing. Thanks.

[–]Mustang321321 2 points


When will manufacturers of tritium tubes figure out a new shape to put the tritium in? Like triangles, squares, etc? Ball does a good job of creating designs using the tubes, but in the end they're still just tubes made into different shapes (like numbers).

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 5 points


they already have them. We have been experimenting. Thanks for asking

[–]raevnos 1 point


I've seen some rectangular trits, and spheres.

[–]StopYouAnimal 2 points


Why is it that on your website there are no prices listed?

Did you take a cue from other well respected watch makers on that or do you do it so that way you can let retailers more or less set their own price?

Also, providing proof would draw much more attention to this post, otherwise after a day or so we're going to consider this ama fake.

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 3 points


Ok, I will provide proof. I guess I have to email the mod?? We have set prices and most of retailers respect these prices.

[–]djpatrick3535 2 points


Artificial price additions by many Swiss brands have been pricing many humble collectors like myself out of the market in recent years.

So, even with the new movement and understandable growth in cost that comes with that, are you planning on keeping most Ball watches where they traditionally have been price-wise, about $750-$5,000?

BTW... I own a Fireman Ionosphere Chrono and am planning on getting a Stormchaser DLC w/ the silver face... BEAUTIFUL timepiece!

[–]LowLevelTerrorist 2 points


I have an Engineer Hydrocarbon and really like it. but my question is are you repsonsible for distributing some of those inexpensive watches you see full page ads for in magazines? You know the ones that say they have 8 genuine diamonds and so on. I ask because when I sent my watch in for service to Florida, the address seemed to match some of the addresses I have seen for those cheap watches.

Also, how long should I expect my tritium tubes to last for? My watch is about 6 years old and they don't seem to be as bright as they used to? Or am I just crazy?


[–]GagNasty 2 points


I apparently know your cousin who works in tech support for the central office (In Saint Petersburg, Florida) and he makes sure that their inventory management software runs smoothly and that their phone systems are operational. What is the best part about your job and the most hated? What is Ball doing to stay competitive in the watch world? P.S I would love a job.

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 11 points


Mr. Ricketts is in our Tech department. He is a full time employee while attending college. He has been working for free, as a slave, since he was about 7 years old. Now, I have to pay him. (darn) But he is well worth it. Great employee. :)




[–]GagNasty 1 point


haha awesome

[–]psychospiff 2 points


What do you think the best "affordable"movement is? I can't afford a Ball, although I hope to be able to some day.

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 3 points


quartz I guess. the 2824, I guess, is the most reliable of the less expensive mechanicals thanks.

[–]cleverkid 1 point


How does your design process work? I notice that many of your watches have a 'vintage' heritage look, ( i.e. serifed numerals ) and some have a cleaner 'Bauhaus' look. How do you maintain a brand identity with such a wide breadth of design styles. And also, what would you say is the one unified, defining characteristic across your range of timepieces? Thanks.

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 3 points


As I mentioned before the design work is done ins Switzerland. Often, we in America make suggestions that the Swiss will act upon. We have several model "families" , some are more simple (bauhausian) and/or classic (a nod to the RR years). Some are much more bold, like our popular Engineer hydrocarbon series. The defining characteristic is of course our readable dials. Webb C. Ball championed this in the 1800's and we doubled down on this with the gas tubes. Thanks for asking.

[–]flourish_or_expire 1 point


Do you have a special place in your heart for the heritage pieces that Webb C Ball worked to put into the market at the turn of the century? I recently bought my first pocket watch (Elgin grade 312) and find the history amazing. Do you own any pocket watches? Any chance you guys will make another one some day?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 3 points


I have a huge collection of Ball watches. Pockets from the 1870's and wrists from the 1917 era into the 30's and 50's and also many current models. Thanks.

[–]cleverkid 2 points


It would be really cool to see your collection. Feel free to post pictures here on this subreddit at any time. We are fascinated with vintage watches, especially if they have a history or provenance to go with them.

[–]orairwolf 1 point


Do you have any plans of releasing a larger watch for those of us that are above average in the wrist size department?

I lust for your watches every time I go to my local watch shop here in Colorado, but I end up not buying anything because all of your watches look so small on my wrist. Even the Deep Quest and Aviator 46mm just look girly on my wrists.

[–]jbiss 1 point


I have two questions for you. And thanks for doing this AMA; I have always wanted someone to do a watch AMA.

  • What do you think about the trend of watches getting bigger and bigger?
  • What's your opinion on the general disinterest of watches in the general population? I have a Oceanus M700 and most of my friends (I am a senior in high school) think it is cool, but would never actually get a watch. The thought is that the time is on their phones and watches aren't needed anymore.

[–]alostserendipity 1 point


What is your opinion on the gravitation towards "larger" watch faces that we see today in the industry? Is there a plan to make a Ball watch in a more modest sizing - i.e. 36mm?

[–]kometes 1 point


How long to tritium tubes last? What is the replacement cost?

[–]chrispyb 1 point


Can I have a Skindiver or a Stormchaser?

Can't hurt to ask, right?

[–]Harjotonater 1 point


Favorite watch? what watch are you wearing now? how did you come to become ceo of ball watch usa?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 1 point


I am wearing the limited edition Grand Central Time watch we made for he 100th anniversary of the Grand Central Terminal.

[–]kungura 1 point


will the new "in house developed" movement be as accurate at keeping time as the current movements you use? Will there be any upsides you can share with us (stuff that you've probably already patented if it's unique)? Also, Lume dials are still in order, yes? I love my lume!!

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 2 points


the biggest surprise may come for Basel nest year. All under wraps for now. And yes, they will keep time as well as our ETA movments.

[–]5960312 1 point


Was this AMA ever verified?

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 2 points


I have used witter to contact as instructed

[–]spedmonkey[M] 2 points


I just checked our Twitter account and we have not received a direct message, I'm afraid. This is us, in case you were confused.

[–]PanGalacGargleBlastr 1 point


I love my Night Train, it's an excellent watch and my only good timepiece. Thanks for making an awesome product.

A few questions:

  • the leather band that came with it fell apart rather quickly, I've replaced it with a similar strap, but was rather dismayed. I've seen many folks replace straps on brand new watches - is it a choice that the $$ be spent on the timepiece over the strap?

  • In 7 or 8 years when I want the lume updated, will there be options for different colors? What will the cost be? How long will it take?

  • I know it isn't a COSC movement, but are there benefits to having it regulated?

I love the new Night Train, as well as all the watches you make. Congrats on being unique in the market.

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 1 point


Surprised about the strap. All of mine seem to have held up well. No need to regulate your non cosc movement if it keeps within 10 seconds or so per day. you can regulate your watch by storing it dial side down or back side down when you take it off at night.

[–]PanGalacGargleBlastr 1 point


The little loops that keep the band down kinda separated then slowly dissolved after 6 months. Once that happened, it was time for a new band.

As for regulating it by storing it with the dial up or down - I usually leave it on my wrist. I love the "uuunngh, what time is it?" brightness and usefulness of the watch for that moment. (Especially when someone else's clocks tend to be off by an hour in any random direction.)

And is face-up faster, or face down?

[–]Trosso 1 point


Can I have a free watch as I'm a poor student?

[–]ky1e 1 point


Why are your watches so expensive and why do I want them so much?

[–]ZM2N4AiP_A4 0 points


How do you feel about fakes? Also can I have a watch? My dad always wore Ball Watches haha

[–]IAmJeffHess[S] 3 points


Fakes are very bad for the industry and for collectors.

[–]ZM2N4AiP_A4 1 point


Yea it sickens me walking down Canal street or the like

[–]chiindustry -16 points


Currently shopping for a new watch with a $1k budget. Please give me some reasons to buy your products. Current favorites are Swiss Army, Tissot, and anything that looks like a Submariner. Thank you for your time.

[–]lecorboosier 7 points


do your research, shutton


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