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What it's Worth

What's It Worth? Worth - A German 22k Gold Decorative Arts Masterpiece

Carl Frey & Söhne was a Master Jeweler in Breslau, Germany, near the Swiss border. He made a myriad of items for royalty and other wealthy clients. We can’t trace the provenance, but this piece is one of the most spectacular we have seen.

What's It Worth? Artifacts From The Civil War And Earlier 

It seems like everyone enjoys stories from back in the day (or stories where I lose money). So today, we are writing about a house call we made in 1991. It involves an ad we ran for Confederate currency. Most people think that this currency is worthless, but in reality, one Confederate dollar can be worth between $5 and $100,...

What's It Worth? When Art And Utility Intersect

On occasion, companies with a long history are difficult to define due their ability to change and keep up with the times or the style of the day.

There are few companies that fit this description better than WMF or Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik. (A mouthful to say, but I can actually pronounce it. Kind of).


What's It Worth? Rare Mickey Mouse Collectibles

What's It Worth? The Egg-Citing History Of Fabergé Eggs

Peter Carl Fabergé, a Russian artisan of Frencch Huguenot ancestry, made about 50 gold and jeweled eggs when he was the royal jeweler to Russian aristocracy from 1885 forward. Only 45 of them have been accounted for. The legacy of these eggs is far-reaching, and a simple internet search will unearth hundreds of stories about them...

What's It Worth? Legos. Great To Sell, Not So Great To Step On

I hate Legos. Despise them. I was reminded of them when an executive here in town brought them up after we sold a large baseball card collection for him and his retired father. He still collected them at age 40!

Yes, I played with them briefly in the ’60s. So I can appreciate them. And Legos were the first thing I...

What's It Worth? Age Influences Value ... On Many Levels

Sometimes the past that got us into this business has a way of coming back to us in pleasant ways.

I first read Walden; or, Life in the Woods, by Henry David Thoreau, when I was in eighth grade. I reread it in college – and of course, it had a completely different meaning to me those eight years later. I have reread it a...

What's It Worth? Winners vs. Losers

As mentioned before, I’m not a big gambler, because at poker and Vegas games, I typically lose. However, Katrina allows me – even encourages me – to gamble on antiques and fine paintings.

In 2007, a “picker” (a smart, seasoned antique dealer who doesn’t have a shop but sells to other dealers) started bringing us extraordinary, valuable art...

What's It Worth? On Age and Rarity In Valuation

The Adoration of the Magi is an oft-depicted scene in medieval art, and this triptych icon (a triptych has three pieces) made of carved wood puzzled us at first with regard to its age.

We bought it for less than $1,000 due to its condition (it is falling apart; and like most icons this old, shows a lot of paint loss).


What's It Worth? The Value Of Giving Back: Priceless

Today, writing a column about money and “stuff” seems a bit unseemly, so please understand why I am writing about charities instead. These three are particularly personal to Katrina and me.

First is Rotary International, specifically their relationship to the ShelterBox organization. Rotary is one of those old school...