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What it's Worth

What's It Worth? Appraising Sterling Silver?

What's It Worth? Your Old Watches, Coins And Quilts Might Have Value

An occasional complaint for this Sunday column goes something like this: “We love the Sunday ‘What’s It Worth,’ but we never come across most of the treasures you write about.” So I thought I’d list a few things you might have around the house, and their approximate values.

Old fraternity or sorority pins. The...

What's It Worth? A True Arts And Crafts Treasure

Occasionally a museum-quality piece crosses our desk, and this week, we’re proud to have a most incredible example of Arts and Crafts artistry that we have ever owned. This masterpiece is being offered at the low price of $28,500 (yes, this price is low — please read on).

What's It Worth? The Law Of Supply And Demand
Supply and demand is a time-tested theory that determines the price of commodities and precious metals. However, when it comes to valuation, this rule is even more significant.

What's It Worth? The Fascination With Russian Orthodox Icons
Russian icons (as well as those of Greece and other orthodox countries) have been included in many private and museum collections, and most importantly, in the private homes of the faithful for hundreds of years.

Whats It Worth? Aren't First Editions Valuable? Well, It Depends.

Everyone thinks that first editions have great monetary value – but the truth is, most books never get reprinted, so they have little value. Only when a book is well-known, was reprinted several times and is in good condition, does its first edition have value.

Whats It Worth? The Highwaymen - A Uniquely Floridian Story

Nothing excites people from various geographic regions more than finding a piece of art from their own area. In the case of the much-celebrated Highwaymen, a loose-knit group of 26 African American, largely self-taught itinerant Floridian artists who flourished between the 1950s and the 1980s, the paintings range from mundane...

What’s It Worth? Think Twice Before You Throw These Away!

Sometimes things that you might think are scrap are worth more than you expect. A case in point is old, empty jewelry boxes. While you won’t be able to sell them and retire on the proceeds, you might be amazed at the value antique boxes have. Any box signed Tiffany – even the modern blue ones – will fetch $10-$25 apiece. The...


We left off last Sunday with Frank Stella contacted, and planning to visit Sotheby’s to authenticate his painting the next day. Sotheby’s called me after the meeting.

“Frank says it is not his.”

They explained that an artist can disavow a work if he is not happy with it, and it will be deemed “not his” even if he did create it. (...