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What it's Worth

Icon and challenger: Rolex and Panerai By Victoria Gomelsky Published: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 Print

What started as a love of vintage watches and the history that propels them turned into a mission of sorts for Jeffrey Hess, North American distributor of Ball Watches and Mühle-Glashütte, CEO of Hess Fine Art and Old Northeast Jewelers, and avid collector.

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Collection of original political cartoons to be auctioned Sept. 6, Oct. 18 By Katherine Snow Smith, Times Staff Writer

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 12:47pm

By Maribeth Keane

Jeff Hess talks about the history, mechanics, and evolution of wristwatches, discussing some of the major manufacturers and designers. Jeff is an online moderator on the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors’ message board, and can be contacted via his website, Hess Fine Art.

Men's Watches For Every Occasion, And Every Budget. Under the impatient eye of our fathers, we learned to tie four-in-hand knots.

A tour of the public galleries at Sotheby's New York is not a heartening endeavor for the weak of wallet. The anterooms of this Manhattan institution -- rooms that are free and open to all visitors -- must make up one of the world's most extraordinary museums, by measure of the sheer volume of antiques, paintings, memorabilia, furniture and jewelry that passes through each week en route to the...

Surfing on the Internet, one can land in any part of the world to grab a great piece of art. The Internet proves to be big business for artists and gallery owners who are handy with HTML codes. Unfortunately, in any great ocean of information there are always the sharks circling for a bite.

In late July Financire Richemont, a holding company for costly Swiss watch brands, paid $1.86 billion to acquire Les Manufactures Horlogres, another Swiss watchmaker. The price works out to nearly nine times sales. Was it fancy technology that Richemont got?