Florida’s Got Talent

You’ve all heard the jokes. “Florida Man.” Florida — America’s appendage, Land of newlyweds and the nearly dead. Etc. Sure, Florida was loyal to the British in 1776 and yes, the US acquired Florida for free as a kind of a BOGO, a throw-in to the Louisiana purchase. And we certainly have our share of weirdos. (Most of whom are “up-north transplants,” by the way). The pictures painted are of backwoods neo-hillbillies or slick Miami hucksters or slow midwesternesque mid-Florida retirees or lazy Margaritaville weed-smoking slackers.

The derision is unwarranted. We all know how wonderful it is here. As for Florida Man? Florida men (and women) have served our state well over the last two centuries, especially in the arts. But even our native son Tom Dorsey wrote, “Florida is a theme park and the theme is weirdness.” Maybe, but weirdness and creative brilliance often go hand in hand.

A Host Of Celebrated Artists Hail From Florida

talent painting

Today we present a list of celebrated artists that we want to purchase for art lovers who are eager to own them. Florida artists are collected by Floridians and “up north” folks too. Some of these artists bring a few hundred dollars and some tens of thousands or more. If you have a piece by one of these incredible Florida artists for sale, give us a call:

Albert Backus
Romero Britto
Ellis Buckner
Clyde Butcher (photographer)
Mary Ann Caroll
Walter Cole
Emmet Fritz
Emile Gruppe
Alfred Hair
Martin Johnson Heade
Hermann Hertzog
George Innes
Harold Newton
Robert Rauchenberg
Frank Shapleigh
Syd Solomon
Anthony Thieme
Sylvester Welles
Purvis Young

Pictured above is a large painting by Florida artist Romero Britto that recently brought $16,000.

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This is an archival article formerly written and is for informational purposes only. The valuations in this article have likely changed since it was first written.

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