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In the realm of fine and decorative arts is a category known as architectural antiques. We’re not new to this category. Years ago, we were chosen to auction 40 Murano glass chandeliers and light fixtures that the Vinoy instructed us to sell. But this month, we’re excited about two exceptional pieces. Typically, these monumental items end up selling to buyers in New York City, Atlanta or Los Angeles. However local buyers have a strategic advantage due to the pieces’ formidable size, which makes shipping costs expensive.

This auction is plumb full of paintings, artwork and jewels. But this week we offer a gargantuan Tiffany glass window from an astute collector and a massive chandelier from the estate of former Tampa Bay resident, Kirstie Alley. As an aside, we also have several handbags and pairs of shoes from her estate.

The window depicting a blue-eyed maiden in a garden with tea pot in hand is over 7 feet tall. This masterpiece is framed within a grand backlit cabinet with doors in front. Tiffany’s studio of artisans applied and cemented thousands of individual pieces of glass to form this magnificent windowpane, a testament to Tiffany’s unparalleled artistry and

Tiffany Glass Window

tiffany glass

The other standout piece is a monumental Art Nouveau antique Beaux-Arts-style French bronze chandelier with figural nudes, coming from the estate of Kirstie Alley. Weighing in at over 50 pounds, this chandelier will make a
remarkable first impression in a foyer or living room. We think it is destined to become a focal point of a big home. The unusual aspect of architectural antiques is that these pieces transcend mere collectability because they are the perfect mix of art and function, combining artistry and a timeless aesthetic that makes one’s home an ersatz museum. These would be appealing not only in a private residence but in a commercial space or government building.

We invite both local customers as well as nationwide dealers to visit us to see these treasures before bidding. Additional pictures can be obtained via email. Auction estimate on the Tiffany window is $100,000 to $125,000. The auction estimate on the chandelier is $4,000 to $6,000.

Three former Sothebyscom associates
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This is an archival article formerly written and is for informational purposes only. The valuations in this article have likely changed since it was first written.

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