The Value Of Vintage Cartier

Pieces By Cartier Maintain Their Value

Oddly, we have been inundated with Cartier items this past month.

We make no secret of our need (and desire) for vintage Cartier (and Tiffany, YARD, Marcus, Van Cleef and Bulgari) jewelry and timepieces. Today we share a few.

cartier diamond ring

A) Cartier diamond ring $9,000

cartier pen

B) Limited Edition Cartier pen $1,000

The auction process, while transparent and usually profitable, is not always perfect. We often sell at auction at no reserve.

The Cartier diamond ring A) We paid $9,000 for an F color vvs1 ring w/papers. The auction gods frowned on us, with      a final bid of $7,800 resulting in a stinging loss of $1,200. The Limited Edition Cartier pen B) (only 1,000 made), we paid $1,000 for – and lost money on it as well.

The rather rare, large Cartier mid-century heart, C) designed by famed Vietnamese designer Dinh Van, we did well on, paying $1,400. Final sales price? $2,500.  The incredible large size 18k gold Cartier Pasha GRID model, D) we placed privately. We paid $7,500, and retailed it for $13,000 to a Tampa collector.

cartier heart

C) Large Cartier mid-century heart designed by famed Vietnamese designer Dinh Van $2,500

cartier pasha watch

D) Large size 18k gold Cartier Pasha GRID model watch $13,000

E) Platinum Cartier pendant $6,000

Coming up for auction are two spectacular pieces. A Virginia jeweler sold us this signed and numbered platinum  Cartier pendant E) for $5,000. We have an auction estimate of $5,000 to $10,000. We are confident it will sell for $6,000.

Our biggest gamble is the huge (bigger than a woman’s hand) platinum, diamond cigarette case F). An Ohio jeweler bought it for scrap, when platinum was lower. After trying to retail it (no one smokes these days and the platinum value
alone was over $6,000), he sold it to us for 10% over the scrap value, when platinum increased in value ($8,000). We market these differently – as a box or as a credit card wallet. With a half-carat diamond as a push button clasp opener, we hope to eke out a profit and save this magnificent piece from the fiery furnaces of the refiner.

F) Platinum diamond cigarette case $8,000

This is an archival article formerly written and is for informational purposes only. The valuations in this article have likely changed since it was first written.

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