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Stone Mountain Silver Commemorative coins were minted to honor Confederate leaders, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, to raise funds for the construction of a monument. In 2024 however, a design meant to capture the spirit of the Confederacy and pay tribute to its leaders is polarizing.

Valuation of a Stone Mountain half dollar: Five million were authorized but only 2.3 million made. Due to poor sales, one million were melted. So with 1.3 million in circulation, a common one brings only $20 to $50. Graded, mint state uncirculated coins bring $75 to $100.

silver provenance

Over the years, we have sold many items for seven museums, because they trust us. Recently, a museum in Florida asked us to sell six Stone Mountain coins on their behalf. They had received an offer of $75 per coin from a local coin dealer. We recommended public auction due to the unique origin of these coins and because they were part of a museum’s collection. People are often inclined to purchase items that support museums. These coins were still in
their original packaging, making them very desirable.

History + Provenance = Excellent Value

They were considered to be the finest specimens available. While one coin was sent for grading (MS 64), the rest we left in their original packaging, despite being heavily tarnished. They were definitely uncirculated.

With the letter from the Stone Mountain Society and copies of the original shipping documents, we were able to sell for $2,200, which was four times higher than the meager offer from the coin dealer. To be fair, the dealer had offered a fair price for regular uncirculated coins, but we knew that the interest from collectors and the incredible provenance of
these coins would drive the price up.

Collecting commemorative half dollars is an enjoyable hobby; and in uncirculated condition, some examples –
such as Gettysburg, Hawaii, and Panama Pacific versions – can fetch from $300 to $600 each. If you possess rare coins, especially gold ones, it is worth considering our team of experts. We have a crew of 38 employees dedicated to vintage goods, and three of them are experts in coins and currency.

Go ahead. Google us. Three former associates and two art
historians on staff. You read about us in the Wall Street Journal, The New York
Times and Fortune magazine. Do you have rare or commemorative coins for sale?
Contact us! We have sold the contents of museums and collections for USF.

This is an archival article formerly written and is for informational purposes only. The valuations in this article have likely changed since it was first written.

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