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blackamoor jewelry

The Controversial World Of Blackamoor Jewelry

Jewelry depicting people of color has long been collectible. In the 19th century, Americans of color were
depicted in postcards, toys and other controversial in a disrespectful way.
Jewelry depicting “Moors” was often
done in a more dignified manner.

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edwardian necklace

An Edwardian-Era Stunner

We have written a lot about the importance of provenance (proof or history of a piece) when evaluating or selling fine antiques. This month, a Beverly Hills jeweler reached out to us to sell a necklace that had been sitting in his safe for many years. It is an exquisite Edwardian-era sapphire necklace of exceptional quality;
they hope our wide audience will find a buyer for it.

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silver provenance

Commemorative Coins

Stone Mountain Silver commemorative coins were minted to honor Confederate leaders, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, to raise funds for the construction of a monument.

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masonic watch

Masonic Jewels & Collectibles

The Masons and many offshoots have been in the U.S. for over 300 years. The amount of good they do in society and the community is
immeasurable. Once called a secret society, almost every man of means had to be involved in his local Masonic chapter. Masonic collectibles, like many collectibles, are a little soft price-wise these days, but still occasionally things walk in
that are extraordinary.

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A Pen Of Value And Reknown

The 21st century changed the landscape of fine and decorative arts dealers througout the world. The Chinese  market was always

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