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silver provenance

Commemorative Coins

Stone Mountain Silver commemorative coins were minted to honor Confederate leaders, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, to raise funds for the construction of a monument.

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masonic watch

Masonic Jewels & Collectibles

The Masons and many offshoots have been in the U.S. for over 300 years. The amount of good they do in society and the community is
immeasurable. Once called a secret society, almost every man of means had to be involved in his local Masonic chapter. Masonic collectibles, like many collectibles, are a little soft price-wise these days, but still occasionally things walk in
that are extraordinary.

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A Pen Of Value And Reknown

The 21st century changed the landscape of fine and decorative arts dealers througout the world. The Chinese  market was always

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piaget dial

Does Crime Pay?

No – but in this case, you have a rare opportunity to buy barely worn, extraordinary items for pennies on

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silver revolver

Our Tiffany Windfall

We are serious students of Tiffany. We’re known throughout the U.S. as a go-to dealer of fine Tiffany items. We

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