Pieces Of Art… And History

Majolica tiles and old-growth cypress beams have been focal points of the historical Vinoy Hotel since Henry Taylor’s Mediterranean Revival-designed resort was first built almost a century ago.

Owning A Beautiful Piece Of St. Pete History

During the redesign and  reopening of the briefly shuttered hotel in 1990, no expense was spared – rekindling the
elegance of a Tampa Bay landmark.   

A decade ago, in a nod to this elegance, Afar magazine mentioned the incredible lighting within.  “The 90-year old Grande Dame St. Petersburg hotel, whose Murano chandelier-lit halls have housed celebrities including Joe DiMaggio,
is a Marriott Renaissance property that will delight any art buff.”

art history

                                                                        GRANDE DAME ST. PETERSBURG HOTEL 

Yes, the ‘grande dame’ was refurbished and updated in 1992, with the help of a contingency of Tampa Bay leaders like Fred Guest and Bob Ulrich – to the tune of $30 million – with the Murano glass lighting an expensive focal point. 

But once again, time marches on. A new renovation promises to keep the elegance but update the Decor, this time  with magnificent Chihuly glass.

We were honored to be chosen to auction the historical Murano glass light fixtures, sconces and chandeliers.

Auction results were 4 times the pre-sale estimate of $12,000 after spirited bidding, with just one piece bringing            almost $10,000. 

There are hundreds of reasons to want to own a piece of the Vinoy. Walter Hagen, Babe Ruth and thousands of politicians, athletes and movie stars have stayed there. (Katrina & I occasionally take a 3-day weekend, preferring the
“secret room” that is in-between floors and has its own balcony.) Some buyers have told us they bought for investment purposes; but most want to see these gorgeous pieces in their homes. A perfect example of recycling, while keeping an artful piece of St. Petersburg history alive.

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This is an archival article formerly written and is for informational purposes only. The valuations in this article have likely changed since it was first written.

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