A Range Of Auction Results

Here are some highlights of last month’s auction. Results were varied with a few disappointments and many wins.

1. The Cartier Dragon sterling fountain pen we wrote about last week brought an astonishing
price of almost $27,000! It far surpassed our modest estimate.                                                                                                    2. A 14k gold Hamilton Flight 1 (the solid gold version) brought the seller over $5,000 due to its extraordinary condition and solid gold case (there is also a gold-filled version, which is worth much less).                                                    3. An Eggert & Son New York marine chronometer ship’s clock retailed by H.H. Heinrich brought a tepid $1,500.

pen cartier dragon

$27,000 Cartier Dragon Pen 

gold hamilton watch

$5,000 14k Gold Hamilton Flight

$1,500 Eggert & Son Ship’s Clock

The Market Has Decided

4. A Catherine the Great badly cleaned 1780 5-rubel gold coin brought $3,800. If it had not been cleaned, it              could have brought well over $10,000. (NEVER clean your coins!)                                                                                                  5. An 18th-century Indian Mughal School miniature erotic painting of lovers on a couch with terrific provenance smashed the pre-auction low estimate of $200, fetching just under $4,000.                                                                                6. A circa 1890s, Navette Style, Tiffany-signed 18k gold & diamond ring with a deep blue, natural no-heat Burmese sapphire with GIA report sold for over $5,500 in spite of the small-sized sapphire.                                         

$3,800 1780 5-Rubel Gold Coin

$4,000 Indian Mughal Painting

$5,500 Navette Style 18k Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring

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This is an archival article formerly written and is for informational purposes only. The valuations in this article have likely changed since it was first written.

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