Fashion vs. Style vs. Weight

Styling Extraordinary Gold Bracelet

Often, there are mitigating circumstances that make the most beautiful bracelets worth less than you’d expect. In this case, the 1940s retro deco rose- and green-gold styling would indicate a value of $5,000-$7,000.

These bracelets are rarely seen with such a wide footprint. In this case, the bracelet is over 35 millimeters wide, or about an inch and a half.

retro bracelet
rose bracelet


Size Over Condition

While the condition is excellent and the styling extraordinary, the bracelet is less than 6 inches long, which renders its value only slightly higher than its gold value. The small size kept us from paying our usual premium on 1940s design pieces. Fine bracelets, whether retro deco, modern or diamond, often command premium pricing when they are over 7 inches long; but when under 6 inches, they are not highly sought after and valuation is just over the gold value.

Fortunately for our customer, this heavy 18K piece contained over $2,500 in gold alone. Had it been longer, it would have been worth significantly more.

This is an archival article formerly written and is for informational purposes only. The valuations in this article have likely changed since it was first written.

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