Picasso’s Other Creations

Ceramic Vase Inspired by Picasso

Pablo Picasso was a prolific artist — and a genius, according to many. He was also an entrepreneur — and while his paintings often go for millions and his better, early prints bring $10,000to over $1,000,000, he also dabbled in ceramics and gold. In the 1980s, his ceramics could be bought for a few hundred dollars, but now they bring thousands and sometimes tens of thousands. Pictured here is a Pablo Picasso ceramic vase that went for over $10,000.

picasso ceramic vase

$10,000 / 1950s PICASSO CERAMIC VASE

The Limited Edition Gold Medallion

Last month, a jeweler in Texas sent the featured 23K gold fish medallion that was one of a limited edition of 20 designed by Picasso and made in his studio. The Texas jeweler bought them for scrap gold value; he thought it might be special, so he sent them to us for valuation. He had been offered $8,000 from a Dallas auction house and, while we couldn’t find any comparators, I felt confident we could achieve higher, so I partnered with him for $9,000. It was made in 1967, and this is No. 7.

picasso fish medallion


According to research, Picasso never intended for them to be sold and even refused to lend them to museums, choosing to keep them as private treasures. They were only sold privately, making them quite rare. We will have an auction estimate of $25,000 to $30,000, but will sell at no reserve.

Please note that many cruise ships and lesser-known galleries sell Picasso prints, which are prints of prints and essentially have no monetary value. If you want your prints evaluated, please stop by or make an appointment.

This is an archival article formerly written and is for informational purposes only. The valuations in this article have likely changed since it was first written.

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